Volunteer Mikki Novak

Meet  Mikki  Novak 

Read her story and discover why she is so passionate about volunteering for Susan G. Komen.



“After my mother died of breast cancer, I realized my family knew nothing about the disease. As I learned more about it, I decided that education was a major key. I wanted to help make sure that women and men became aware of the disease. I also wanted to help people learn how to minimize their risk. If we educated people about the disease and how to minimize risk, I believe we can prevent deaths from breast cancer, and eventually eradicate it. My mission became to help as many people as possible learn about the disease and what they can do to prevent it.”

When it came down to educating the community, Mikki will be the first one to sign up for a health fair event. Her passion could be seen every day in her interactions with Komen staff, volunteers, and other Komen supporters. We are very lucky that she has been a part of this organization as the Education Committee Co-chair, and as a member of the Race Committee.