September 12 Volunteer Spotlight - Francine Huckaby

A  short  interview  with  Francine  Huckaby -

Why do you support the fight against breast cancer?

                  I am passionate about the fight against breast cancer for three reasons. First, my dear Aunt Pam passed away from breast cancer at age 37 after my freshman year in college. She was a wonderful aunt, mother, wife, sister and friend. Secondly, my beautiful and amazing mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor because of early detection. And finally, African American women die of breast cancer at higher rates than any other ethnic/racial group. I am committed to doing all that I can to eliminate that disparity. 

Why do you volunteer with Komen Houston?

                  I volunteer with Komen Houston because I get to be a small part of the Komen grants program and see the amazing work that the grantees do every day to end breast cancer in urban and rural communities. EVERY grantee is making a difference in the communities it serves.

How long have you been a Komen Houston volunteer?

                  Nine years

What is your favorite part of working with Komen Houston?

                  My favorite part of working with Komen Houston is helping to ensure that ALL women have access to breast health education, screening services, treatment, research and support. It's an honor and pleasure to serve our grantees, communities and the Komen Houston affiliate. 

Thank you Francine for donating your time and determination to help the Houston area!