Komen Houston Office Temporarily Closed

We regret to inform you that the office building where the Komen Houston offices are located experienced some flooding late Monday night and is currently closed.  The first, second and third floors were affected by a restroom water leak and the building management is in the process of cleaning up the water damage to be able to restore services for all those affected.    

Our office will remain closed until further notice.  Our phones are also down for the time being, but we can be reached via individual emails or through our Facebook page.  

We appreciate your patience and we hope to reopen our office as soon as possible.  Thank you again.  

Form a Team

The Power of a Race Team

Teams are the backbone of the Komen Houston Race for the Cure® and a critical component to the success of the event.  A team consists of 2 or more people who can be friends, family members, co-workers, faith groups or anyone else interested in helping save lives in our community. 

Jump in the fun today – Register. Recruit. Motivate. 

How to register your team!

Online – Did you know that teams and individuals who register online typically experience more successful fundraising efforts!

1. If you would like to set up a pre-paid code your team members will use to register – so that you can pay for all registrations at once – take care of this first by emailing nhollingsworth@komen-houston.org or call the Komen Houston Office at 713-783-9188 (this is an easy way to handle large, corporate groups - no more spreadsheets!)

2. Click on the "Form a Team" button.

3. Follow the registration process – it’s fast and easy!

How to join a team!

1. Click on the “Join a Team” button

2. Type in the name of the team you would like to join. Click the “Search for a Team” button

3. When you find your team’s name click “Join” on the right side of the screen

4. Follow the registration process – it’s fast and easy!

Recruit team members

1.    Share your team name with others

2.    Create a flyer to promote your team

3.    Don’t forget email and social media are great recruiting tools!

Motivate your team members to fundraise

1.    Explain that their registration fee get them to the Race, however, it’s the fundraising that enables the Affiliate to provide local grants to help women and men in need.

2.    Educate them about our mission and why it’s important to fundraise

3.    Encourage them to set an individual goal

4.    Download fundraising ideas from our website and share them with your team members

5.    Remind them to use their “Race Center” – great tool available to every person that registers!