Creech Elementary Katy ISD
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This year, in recognition of the students’ collective success and generosity, Principal Thrun hosted a surprise live musical concert for the students featuring “An Older Direction.” The concert performers from “An Older Direction” featured Creech staff - Art Teacher Stephen Ruth, Music Teacher Dave Wallace, P.E. Coach Tim Mueller, and Fourth Grade Teacher Dennis Welch. The festive foursome lip synced to songs by – you guessed it – “New Direction,” nearly bringing the house down with applause and laughter from students in grades PreK through 5th. The “Pink Divas” a group of Creech educators, some of whom are survivors, dressed all in pink joined in the fun of the day as well. Special recognition for fundraising went to Amanda Olson’s Third Grade class. Picture: “An Older Direction,” the entertainment for the celebration which included from left to right: Art Teacher Stephen Ruth; Music Teacher Dave Wallace; P.E. Coach Tim Mueller; and Fourth Grade Teacher Dennis Welch