Passionately Pink for the Cure®

Passionately Pink for the Cure®

Wear Pink. Raise Funds. End Breast Cancer Forever!

Are you inspired to save a life? We think you are! Go Passionately Pink for the Cure® and turn your passion into action! With your help, we can move closer to a world without breast cancer. Will you join us? Kicking off this May and running all year long, Passionately Pink for the Cure is a fun and easy fundraising program that raises breast cancer awareness, inspires advocacy and honors those affected by the disease.

The premise is simple: Go pink to fight breast cancer!

How to go Passionately Pink:

1. Get a group of friends or co-workers together to go Passionately Pink for the Cure.

2. Choose a team captain to register your group at

3. Select the date(s) for your Passionately Pink day(s).

4. Plan your event. Dress in crazy pink outfits. Honor a breast cancer survivor with a nice luncheon. The day’s activities are completely up to you!

5. Invite your team members, letting them know to wear pink!

6. Collect donations from each team member on your Passionately Pink day. (Make sure each personal check has your team ID written in the memo area!)

7. Send the donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

When your team captain registers your group, he or she will receive a free kit. This kit will include everything you need to get started — event day ideas, a promotional poster, a Passionately Pink guidebook, collectors’ pins that feature the Passionately Pink logo, basic breast health information, a donation reply form, a matching gift checklist and a reply envelope to make it easy to return donations to Komen. You can find additional materials and ideas for your day at