Male Breast Cancer Awareness News Interview

Recent news interview with Male Breast Cancer Survivor, Allen Wilson on Fox 26 News in Houston.


Transcript of News Interview

In healthwatch, breast cancer is rare in men, but it can happen. Joining me now is breast cancer survivor, Alan Wilson to talk about this important men's health topic on father's day weekend.

Good morning. >>

Good morning. >>

And this is an important topic for you to talk about this weekend in particular. Why is that? >>

Well, a couple things. One, we have the race for cure on komen's, which is on halloween. Tickled about that. Men get breast cancers, 1 in 100 cases is a man. It's important to understand that it happens. >>

You're a two-time survivor. >>  I am. >>

How were you diagnosed? >> It was in 2003. My youngest son found it. There was a lump in my chest that i ignored. I had to find out right then. It was painful. So michael found it. I went in and sure enough i had it and i had -- that first time around i had a mastectomy and then -- chemo. Three years later it came back in a scar. i'm clean. >>

You have been living life ever since then. >> What kind of signs and symptoms do you want to encourage men to look out for? >>

Any change in breast tissue. It's like women. Feel for lumps. You need to get it looked at. And inverted nipples, anything like that, excessive itching. I didn't know hat's a symptom. Pay attention to that. >>

And you've had successful treatment. you're living a great life now. you're actually an accomplished mountain climber here. >> i wouldn't say accomplished, but i do a few things. >> there's a picture of you there. >>

yeah. and i've had two sisters. this is an amazing thing. two sisters with breast cancer. the claim is no genetic, no link. There's things that we don't know. >>

i imagine, too, it was very difficult to explain to people that you had breast cancer, was getting over the stigma of fight in and of itself. >>

it's interesting. i came back -- in my office we had a receptionist. pam was from texas. we used to yak all the time. ilene -- i leaned over and i told her, pam, i've had a mastectomy. she says, honey, you mean vasectomy. [laughter] >> you have it mixed up. >> i pulled up my shirt. >> and finally what kind of screening should you look for? >>

it's a self-watch deal. there's no protocol for men and there shouldn't be. it's so rare. if you have it, you'll know. >> and komen race for the cure, several months away but you want to encourage people to get geared up already. >>

absolutely. what an amazing group. i was race chair, but the volunteers and the staff behind it are truly amazing. they have a machine that is just really well-put together for this. it's a fun deal. halloween, it will be later in the month. >>

i can't imagine the costumes. >> it's great. >> it will be a lot of fun. >>

thanks for coming in. very happy father's day to you. you have an incredible story. i appreciate you sharing it with us. hopefully you'll encourage more guys to take notice of their health. >>

thanks. >> send it over to mike. >> thank you. >>