Komen Houston Office Temporarily Closed

We regret to inform you that the office building where the Komen Houston offices are located experienced some flooding late Monday night and is currently closed.  The first, second and third floors were affected by a restroom water leak and the building management is in the process of cleaning up the water damage to be able to restore services for all those affected.    

Our office will remain closed until further notice.  Our phones are also down for the time being, but we can be reached via individual emails or through our Facebook page.  

We appreciate your patience and we hope to reopen our office as soon as possible.  Thank you again.  

Komen Houston Board of Directors

The Komen Houston Affiliate Board of Directors consists of a group of passionate ambassadors who work tirelessly to further the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease through research, education, screening and treatment.


Anne Meyn, President
Carol Helliker, Vice President
Debbie Scanlon, Treasurer
Molly Bobrow, Secretary

Carrie Brinsden
Ann Cazalot
Janice Jucker
Calvin Leeke
Brenda Lightfoot
Khambrel Marshall
Ann Masel
Kathy Nicholson
Brenda Pattillo
Pat Vice
Allen Wilson