Komen® Honors and Recognizes Forever Fighters

Forever Fighters

Those  who  courageously  fight  metastatic  breast  cancer  every  day
 until  we  find  a  cure.

We support and honor all those touched by breast cancer as we continue the search to find a cure. There is a particular group of survivors who live an ongoing daily battle with Metastatic Breast Cancer or (MBC). They are called Forever Fighters.

Althought metastatic breast cancer can not be cured at this time, it can be treated. Learn more and help pass on information about the signs, symptoms and treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

Learn about Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC):



Register as a Forever Fighter and join us in the Race for the Cure October 31st in Houston.



Watch the video channel as published on the Komen.Org YouTube Channel