Kilowatts for a Cause

Lowfoot, Inc. is partnering with the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® with a new program called “Kilowatts for a Cause”. 

It is an exciting and new kind of fundraising program and it’s simple - when you save kilowatts of electricity during specific times on specific days, Komen Houston earns money.

The concept is simple, but most importantly, it is a free program!  Lowfoot, Inc. is an energy management company.  Lowfoot IS NOT selling electricity services, and you DO NOT change electric providers to participate.  But, you must have your electric bill in hand.

Here’s how Kilowatts for a Cause works:

1. Komen Houston supporters with a smart meter installed on their residence can join Lowfoot for free.  Please grab your electric bill and click here -

2. Lowfoot makes a donation of $2.00 to Komen Houston per recruited household up to $25,000

3. In the spring and summer of 2013, Lowfoot will issue up to 3 “Energy Reduction Alerts” via email and text messaging asking you to reduce power and save kilowatts for a specific time, up to two hours, during the day.

4. These changes can be as simple as turning off the pool pump; not using the clothes dryer; or making a modest adjustment to your home thermostat.

5. When Komen Houston supporters reduce kilowatt usage by 10%, Lowfoot pays bonus awards to Komen Houston.

But the real benefits occur over time. As Lowfoot is able to build a successful market for selling the kilowatts saved by Komen Houston supporters, Komen Houston continues to benefit.

We are proud to offer you a truly unique way to contribute to Komen Houston and help the environment by saving “Kilowatts for a Cause”.

So grab your electric bill and click here to join!  Thank you!