Community Grants in My Area

In more than 18,000 communities across the U.S., more than 75,000 Susan G. Komen volunteers work to help fund breast cancer education, screening and treatment projects for those who need it most.

In order to ensure they are funding programs that address the specific unmet breast health needs of their communities, Komen Affiliates work with local medical experts and community leaders to conduct comprehensive community needs assessments.  These community profiles are then used to establish local grant application and review processes consistent with Komen's standards and mission. 

Komen Houston is proud to have invested over $45 million into our service area to date.

Our current funding cycle April 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014, boasts 21 projects totaling $2.9 million. These projects shown were selected by our independent Review Panel as projects that will have the greatest impact in serving uninsured and medically underserved individuals in our service area.

Komen Houston funds breast cancer programs including:

     •    Free mammograms and clinical breast exams for uninsured and underserved patients

     •    Support groups for breast cancer survivors

     •    Patient navigators, who help patients overcome barriers to care, have cut the no show rate from 40% to 10%

     •    Free breast prosthesis and bras for mastectomy patients

     •    Free transportation to patients for breast cancer treatment 



American Cancer Society- $150,600
The Transportation Project provides transportation to breast cancer patients who need assistance getting to their treatment.

Angleton Danbury Medical Center- $100,000
The Pink Warrior Project provides education and screening to those in Southern Brazoria County.

Asian American Health Coalition- $188,000
Project Phoenix provides breast cancer education, screening, patient navigation services, diagnostics and breast cancer treatment for Asian American women. Services are provided in numerous Asian languages.

Baylor College of Medicine- $80,000
Facilitating Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment in Underserved & Minority Women Project provides funding to expand risk assessment/prevention, genetic counseling, early detection treatment, enrollment in clinical trials and survivorship care to women seeking services at Smith Clinic.  

Bayside Healthcare Foundation- $40,000
The Breast Cancer Prevention and Care Outreach Project provides education and screening services to a rural population in Chambers County.

Boat People SOS, Inc. Houston- $70,000
The Health Awareness and Promotion Project provides education and screening services for Vietnamese women in Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston, Chambers and Brazoria counties.

D’Feet Breast Cancer Inc.- $275,600
The D’Feet Breast Cancer Project provides breast cancer education, patient navigation services, screening and diagnostics to underserved and uninsured women who reside in Galveston County.

Good Neighbor Healthcare Center- $172,804

The Breast Health in the Community Project provides English and Spanish education plus breast cancer screening and diagnostics for low-income women with little or no health insurance living in Harris County. 

Harris County Hospital District Foundation- $169,496
The Patient Navigation Program provides patient navigators to ensure prompt care for underserved women seeking breast health services at Harris Health System.
Health Center of Southeast Texas- $72,000
The Breast Cancer Screening Program provides breast cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment to women in Liberty County who have little or no health insurance.

Lesbian Health Initiative of Houston, Inc.- $60,000
The Breast Health Access Project provides breast cancer education, screening and navigation services and follow up care to underserved LGBT women. 

Light & Salt Association- $26,000 The Increasing Access to Early Detection, Education and Support Services for Asian-American Women Project provides education and treatment support to Underserved Asian-American Women Living in Komen Houston Affiliate's seven-county service area.

Lone Star Community Health Center, Inc- $95,500
The Expanding Breast Health Services Project provides education, screening and diagnostic services to uninsured and underinsured population in Montgomery County.

Northeast Hospital Foundation- $200,500
Project Mammogram provides breast cancer education, screening and treatment to medically underserved, low income individuals living in Harris, Montgomery and Liberty counties.

OakBend Medical Center- $75,000
The West Fort Bend Breast Screening Project provides screening and diagnostic services for medically underserved women in west Fort Bend County.

Reconstruction of a Survivor- $20,000
The Saving Our Survivors Project improves the quality of life for breast cancer survivors by providing support services.

Shalom Mobile Health Ministry, Inc.- $110,000
The Improving Access to Breast Healthcare Services for Underserved/Uninsured Women in Houston Project provides breast cancer screening and diagnostic services to low-income and medically underserved women within the East End community of Harris County.

Sisters Network Inc. National Headquarters - $60,000
The Navigation through Survivorship Project provides African American breast cancer patients with online, and face-to-face mentoring using patient navigators, monthly support group meetings and evidence based educational materials on survivorship care.

The Methodist Hospital Foundation- $105,000
The Breast Health Initiative Project provides education, clinical breast exams, mammograms, diagnostic services and patient navigation for medically underserved women in East Harris, Chambers and Liberty counties.

The Methodist Hospital Foundation- $30,000
The Continued Care in Breast Cancer Treatment and Participation in Clinical Trials in Underserved and Minority Patients Project provides clinical trial education and enrollment for the medically underserved, primarily Hispanic patient population of Denver Harbor.

The Rose- $400,000
The Comprehensive Breast Health Program provides a full spectrum of breast healthcare for a diverse group of women in Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty and Montgomery counties who are uninsured or unable to pay. Women receive breast cancer education, screening, diagnostics, patient navigation services and access to direct medical treatment for breast cancer.

University of Texas Medical Branch- $400,000
The Komen Complete Care Project provides breast cancer screening, diagnostics, and breast cancer treatment for low-income, uninsured women residing in Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty and Montgomery Counties.


Community Education, Screening and Treatment Grants Total - $2,900,500

National Susan G. Komen for the Cure Award and Research Grant Program - $950,000