Team Walking with Our Hero

 Team Walking with Our Hero

How long you’ve been a team? We have been a team Since 2009.

How many team members do you anticipate you will have? We usually have around 15-20 people on walk day and some more donate on Jim's behalf.

Why is the walk or support Komen Houston important to you? Our dad and hero, Jim Mauck, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2008. He underwent surgery to remove both breasts and a second surgery to remove select lymph nodes. His battle continued as he received chemotherapy treatment and radiation to fight this disease. Four years have passed and Jim is happy and healthy...cancer FREE!  Although it was painful to watch him go through the treatments and watch his body change everyday, our dad astonished us with the courageous way he combated the disease. He continued to be the rock in our family. With a smile across his face, a happy tune whistling from his lips and the power of life in his eyes told us he would fight everyday…for us. Our Lord and Savior gave our dad His strength, showed His mercy and grace through the successful journey. His courageous story is one to share with all men. We participate in this event to raise awareness not only for breast cancer and raise money for treatment, but also to get the word out there that men get it too!

Do you run/walk in support of someone? If so, please tell us more. We complete the Family Walk in support of our father Jim Mauck.

Does your team host special kick-off activities or fundraising events? Not as of yet. We do have team shirts that we wear every year and give new ones to new members of the group!!!
What does Race morning look like for your team? We meet at the North corner of the park and make sure everyone has their blue shirts on (because men get it too!) and we talk and enjoy each other and take team pictures.  We then walk through the park to the starting line.  We walk to family walk with everyone around Jim Mauck with a sign that says on one side "Walking with our Hero" and on the other "Men get it too!".  At the end of the walk, Jim walks down the survivor ally, sometimes with a friend that has also beat cancer.  After the race we walk through the long ally back to the park, looking at all the great booths set up.  After the walk sometimes we get lunch all together and celebrate Jim and others that have beat breast cancer! 

Any special people that should be recognized on your team? Jim Mauck, the reason we walk.  He is a beacon in our family and the reason we care so much about this event.  He never let it beat him, even when going through treatments that were killing his body.  He kept a smile on his face and never complained about his situation.  We all look to him as an example of what we strive to become. We look forward to the race every year.  My nephew has attended the event since he was born and sported a blue superhero shirt with my father's name on it every year.  We want to get the idea out there that men get this cancer also.  I am a professor at colleges and university and I always tell my father's story to my classes so that my students also know that this not only affects women, but men as well.


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