Team Walkers for Knockers

Team Walkers for Knockers Part two  


   This fall we will be participating in the Komen Houston Race for the Cure®. As you all know, Amber was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer on January 10, 2012. She successfully finished chemotherapy and had a modified radical left mastectomy. By the time of the race, Amber will have had completed radiation. In the Spring of 2013, She will have the right mastectomy and reconstruction. In May of this year, I had a wonderful team of over 40 family and friends participate in the Race for the Cure in San Antonio. We raised almost $1,500 for Susan G. Komen. For the Houston Race, my goal is to build a team of over 100 individuals and raise $3,000 for the cause. Please join us in supporting breast cancer warriors across the country by joining my team "Walkers for Knockers - Part Two" or donating. Together we can raise breast cancer awareness and continue in the fight to kick breast cancer's butt! The money raised through the Race will fund vital education, screening and treatment programs for underserved women in our own community and support the national search for a cure. We need your support! Every step counts!                                                                                                   

How long you’ve been a team? We have been a team since May of this year, prior to this years race we have been apart of at the Komen San Antonio Race for the Cure.

How many team members do you anticipate you will have? I am hoping for over 100, but as of now, I will expect more around 20.

Why is the walk or support Komen Houston important to you? Amber, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year.  I love the support we have found in "breast cancer girlfriends" and it seems that whenever any one of us meet another survivor, we instantly click.  

What does Race morning look like for your team?  We haven't planned that far in advance, but we will probably all meet beforehand and walk or run together then head out for breakfast afterwards.

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(Walkers for Knockers in SA!)