Team Thermon

Team Thermon

How long you’ve been a team? This will be our 11th year for this event.
How many team members do you anticipate you will have? We anticipate to have around 5-10 members. We are small group, but we show our support big time!
Why is the walk or support Komen Houston important to you? This walk is important to us due to the fact that we have had 3 generations of family breast cancer.
Do you run/walk in support of someone?  If so, please tell us more. In honor of Grandmother Justine Bainter & Aunt Marsha Kinlaw ; in Memory of: Great Grandmother Lillian Ramsay.
Does your team host special kick-off activities or fundraising events? We have nothing planned to kick off the event.
What does Race morning look like for your team? It’s might get too hectic to try and all meet up, so I will show up with my family and try my best to meet up with co-workers doing the same race as me.
Any special people that should be recognized on your team? The whole Thermon team.


The Bainter girls, circa 2004


Please take a moment to watch this awesome newscast from Fort Worth’s 2001 Race – this report spotlighted our family and I get tears in my eyes trying to even type this.  My grandmother is one of the most special, kind, beautiful Christian woman anyone could ever meet and she is the precious jewel of our family.  This video was taken eleven years ago and she is now approaching her 89th birthday.  Although time has advanced her to the elderly age even more so than before, our family nickname for her is still “Tough-ole-bird!”  She is the epitome of survivor!

This was the first Race for the Cure event I ever attended and when I got home to Houston, I immediately signed up to volunteer for Houston’s race and have raced every year since.  I may not bring in the big donations that other teams and corporations do, but my motto has always been – every dollar counts, Until there is a cure!


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