Team May the Cure Be With You

Team May the Cure be With You

  My name is Laurie Gray and I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor. I am team captain for May the Cure be With You. I spent a lot of time trying to adjust and get back to my "normal" life. I also spent a lot of time thinking that cancer ruined my life.
How long you’ve been a team?  In 2009 I decided to take a stand and fight back. I formed a team for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure-Houston.  My kids came up with the name May the Cure Be with you (yes we are Star Wars fans) and I was hoping to at least get 20 team members.

How many team members do you anticipate you will have? I am hard at work putting my team together for this year. We are up to 80 team members so far.
I got 124 and we won largest friends and family team in '09. We also won that award with 166 team members in 2010. We also won that award last year in 2011 with 144 team members.
What does Race morning look like for your team?   Our team meets in downtown about 6:30am every year.  We have donuts and coffee. By 6:45 we are taking our team photo then we walk to the race location as a team.  We all meet again at 10 for awards and survivor ceremony.  We then walk to Birraporetti's in downtown for a team lunch.





I have put together a story of this incredible team. I hope you enjoy.

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