Team Houston Northwest Medical Center

Team Houston Northwest Medical Center


How long you’ve been a team? Houston Northwest Medical Center has had a team consisting of The Breast Center employees, Breast Cancer survivors and their friends and family, hospital employees and Klein ISD teachers since 2000. 

How many team members do you anticipate you will have? We are usually in the 200+ member range.

What does Race morning look like for your team? Our race morning consists of team t-shirts, a continental breakfast at the hospital, a group photo prior to boarding buses to transport us to the Race. We also have door prizes on the bus on the way home

Why is the walk or support Komen Houston important to you? As both a survivor and the Breast Center Manager and Breast Cancer navigator, the Race is inspiring to me personally and to other members of our group. To see that there are so many survivors together in one place is reassuring that Breast Cancer is not an automatic death sentence. It provides hope to all the young survivors to see other women with their young children surviving and thriving. It is truly a time of sweet fellowship with other survivors and their supporters.

Any special people that should be recognized on your team? Our special recognition would be to the hospital administration for their commitment to The Breast Center and all the HNMC Survivors and our Race Day traditions.

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