Ruby Wilson and Lisa Benford

Ruby had always been aware of the risks of breast cancer and in October 2000 she went for her annual mammogram.  The usual feeling of relief occurred when the results pronounced her negative for breast cancer.  However,  a couple of months later during a monthly self breast examination, Ruby found something unusual – a movable bump in her left breast.  Ruby did not delay and immediately contacted her physician who ordered a repeat mammogram and ultrasound with biopsy.  This time the news was not good and both procedures were positive for mucinous carcinoma.

The news hit her hard and like many breast cancer victims, Ruby’s first thoughts were of imminent death and the impact to her family.  With the overwhelming support from those close to her and a deep rooted faith in God, Ruby built up her strength and faced the disease head on.  Ruby bravely underwent a mastectomy to remove her left breast followed by reconstructive surgery and chemotherapy.

Ruby is now a proud eleven year survivor thanks to her awareness and quick action against her breast cancer.

Having watched her mother’s battle with breast cancer, Lisa faithfully went for her annual well woman check up and mammogram.  One year the doctor called following her examination with different news.  Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Disbelieving that tragedy could strike twice, Lisa asked her doctor to double check the results and make sure they were definitely hers.  She was assured they were.  The reality of the diagnosis was hard to accept and Lisa thought about delaying an immediate appointment with her physician.  That is until he called her at work to gently explain that it was cancer they were dealing with and it could not be avoided.

Remembering her mother’s strength and courage during her illness, Lisa also had a mastectomy to remove her right breast followed by reconstructive surgery.  “Being a mother of young children, my will to get back to ‘normal’ and to look ‘normal’ was paramount.” says Lisa.  

As mother-daughter survivors, Ruby and Lisa are avid supporters of the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® and share their passion in the quest to find a cure for breast cancer.