Robert Henderson

When Robert Henderson retired in 1993, his “to do” list was long. He wanted to travel. He wanted to dabble in wood work. He wanted to play with his grandchildren. 

For 13 years, he checked things off his leisure list – until March 2006 when he felt a lump in his breast. He procrastinated for a week before seeing a doctor, who gave him the bad news.

“I had breast cancer,” Robert recalled. “I knew it was rare for men to get this disease, but with a family history of cancer I wasn’t that surprised.”

After surgery removed his left breast, Robert underwent three months of chemotherapy before he got the news that his cancer was in remission.

With a sense of great relief, he went back to raising his great grandson Dylan over whom he has legal guardianship. Life seemed to be returning to normal.

And then the cancer reappeared. “I wasn’t scared or angry,” said Robert of the 2010 discovery of cancer cells in his lymph nodes. “I was determined to overcome it.”

After another surgery and three more rounds of chemo, he continued his courageous fight – a battle that continues today.  

Robert is philosophical. “Life is full of challenges,” he said. “But I’m handling things OK. Maybe this is the way the Lord wanted things to work out.”

Meanwhile he’s getting on with living and taking things day by day.