2015 Pink Honor Roll Spotlight -Michael Schlosser


“I fight for my wife and the many other women and their families out there who are faced with the hardships of this terrible disease. I fight because we make a difference together.” says Michael.  

In May of 2014, his wife Cynthia was diagnosed with triple negative inflammatory breast cancer.  It changed everything for their family.  He unfortunately was not able to attend the 2014 Komen Houston Race for the Cure® as she was undergoing surgery on October 2nd. He plans to attend the 2015 Race and run in support of my wife.

This year, Michael ranked #37 on the 2015 Pink Honor Roll for his phenomenal fundraising efforts in raising $4,230 to support Komen Houston’s mission – to save lives and end breast cancer forever. 

“The Race is important to me because Komen Houston provides hope and countless resources.  It's a means to an end!  Amen!” shares Michael.  

Michael would like to share a special message with Friends and Family:

“Thank you so much for all your support with your donations.  I am so appreciative for the donations you have made to Komen Houston for this event on mine and Cynthia’s behalf.  As all of you already know, with Cynthia being diagnosed with breast cancer, I am all the more appreciative for this opportunity and your support.  I am honored to pay this respect to Cynthia, and the many women who are faced with this terrible disease.  This disease makes me angry, and this is how we fight.”