Marsha Eckermann Volunteer

We are highlighting Marsha Eckermann for our volunteer spotlight!

Erika Green, Komen Development Director, says:

Marsha is currently serving on the Fund Development Committee and she goes all the way back to the beginning……24 years ago to be exact!  She brings lots of knowledge and history from what it was like in the very beginning for the Houston affiliate.  She was very instrumental in getting the Houston Race and affiliate moving 24 years ago.  Marsha is very wise and we appreciate all that she does and all that she has done in the last 24 years to make Komen Houston!

Kathy Nicholson, Co Chair for the Fund Development team says:

Marsha brightens up our meetings.  She listens and when she is ready to voice her opinion, it is worth hearing.  Marsha was one of the original volunteers/members of Susan G. Komen in Houston.  I am so happy to be able to work with her and get to know her.

And Marsha volunteers for Komen because:

I volunteer for Komen because I said "yes" 25 years ago.  My cousin asked me to "start" the Komen chapter in Houston - now the affiliate, and the largest in the nation.  I honor a commitment I made.  I honor the education and knowledge I have gained through the years.  I honor the great success in the treatment of breast cancer which has touched my grandmother, my mother, my aunt, my cousin - all who survived.  I honor the many others who also said "yes" and have become my friends.  I have been blessed in many ways by Komen, and pray that God continues to bless this affiliate!