2015 Pink Honor Roll Spotlight - Karen Hodge


Karen lost her mother to breast cancer in 2007, two weeks before her wedding.  She was not around to see her get married or to meet and spoil her beautiful granddaughter. 

“I support the fight against breast cancer in loving memory of my mother. I want to do my part to ensure no other daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers have to fight this terrible disease and allow it to take so much away from them like it did to me.” says Karen.  

She began participating in the Komen Houston Race for the Cure back in 2007.  This year, Karen ranked #34 on the 2015 Pink Honor Roll for her phenomenal fundraising efforts in raising $4,675 to support Komen Houston’s mission – to save lives and end breast cancer forever. 

Her favorite part about working with Komen Houston is knowing that she is helping make a difference.  The funds she helps raise through the Race pledge program allow Komen Houston to power national breast cancer research and local community programs that offer breast health education, screening, treatment and support services to underserved populations.  

Karen continues to run in memory of her mother, Susie Hodge and in honor of her very good friend, Polly, who is a breast cancer survivor.