Janice Jucker

Janice remembers her first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® like it was yesterday. Participating in the event meant more to her than just her personal story, it was about her family. Breast cancer has plagued her family for generations and Janice knew it was time to support putting an end to cancer – forever.

Around the time Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer her niece asked, “Does this mean I am going to get breast cancer?” Sadly, her reassurance that technology will greatly improve and a cure will be found one day, were the only words of comfort Janice could give her niece. Now, Janice not only walks for people affected by the disease, but so that those, such as her niece Erin, will hopefully not have to go through the difficult journey she endured.

Every month during the five-year treatment Janice received a Zolodex injection, 59 in total. Every shot reminded her of what she was fighting against. Following her surgery which resulted in a significant emotional rollercoaster, libido changes, fatigue, and losing her breasts. Despite all these struggles, Janice remained hopeful because she was thankful she was alive.

Janice celebrated  her last Zolodex injection with a party. With only five days of planning and over a hundred invitations sent, the support of the sixty people made the celebration more than she could have hoped for.

“Now Race Day is my new birthday. I look forward to it every year, for it is the renewal of life for me.”

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