Irma Alcantara

Two weeks before moving to the United States, Irma was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It all took place one day when she fell and bumped her shoulder.  While massaging the general area she felt a lump, but thought it was a result of hitting her shoulder.  A few days later the lump was still present.  Irma had a biopsy and awaited the results she’d been dreading to hear.  She had breast cancer.

“Change had come into my life, but not in the way I had planned.” recalls Irma.

Irma put her dream on hold and stayed in Mexico to be closer to friends and family.  She learned to cope with the disease and realized that she couldn’t worry about every little aspect; she had to look at the big picture.

Irma trusted the doctors to take care of her body, they were the specialists.  She followed their recommendations and had faith in their knowledge.  To help herself cope, Irma practiced meditation, relaxation and visualization. 

“I had to work on the thoughts circling in my head because most of the time they were more destructive than the cancer.” says Irma.

After undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Irma fulfilled her goal of moving to the United States and is cancer free.  For the past five years she has facilitated “Las Rosas Vivas,” the first Hispanic support group in Houston.   Irma is convinced that helping other women and sharing her past has been one of the greatest rewards resulting from such a traumatic experience.

“I am living one day at a time and thanking God every step of the way.” says Irma.