Eva Vega

Breast cancer has been a repetitive battle that Eva Vega has unfortunately faced throughout her life.  In 1985, Eva found a lump in her left breast which caused some alarm.  She visited a family doctor who conducted a biopsy and found that the lump was benign.  Out of precaution the doctor decided to remove the lump.

Six years later, a lump formed in the same spot on her breast.  This time it was cancerous.  Eva underwent numerous surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. 
“I had to put faith in God and keep praying that I was going to get well.”

In 2004, Eva was diagnosed a second time with breast cancer.  This time a lump had been found in her right breast.  The doctor removed half of her breast and she went through another course of radiation.
“God knew I could handle it, I’m a very strong person.”

Eva has been happily married for 30 years and couldn’t have faced these obstacles without her supporting husband by her side.

Currently, Eva is awaiting a follow-up exam that will take place in April to assure that she remains cancer free.

“I never thought cancer was going to ring my door bell.  The reason I am here today is because of all the helpful organizations like the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.”
Eva gives back to the community by using her experience and giving her time to support other women and men who are facing the same battle.