Diane Timme

Following the loss of her beloved 26 year old sister to breast cancer eight years earlier, Diane was more than aware of the importance of regular mammograms and self examinations.  Like every busy mother and wife, there came a month when there just wasn’t enough time to fit in her regular appointment.  Weeks later, while Diane was carrying out her normal household chores, a sentence from the background chatter of the television rung out and made her stop what she was doing – ‘Don’t Let Your Mammogram Pass You By’.  At the same time, a meaningful song ‘Hero’ which reminded her of her passed sister started up on the radio.  Diane went back to her work but that night as she lay in bed she thought about what had happened and performed a self breast examination.  She soon felt a lump that had not been there before.

Over the next few days, Diane underwent a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy and received the news she had been dreading to hear – “Now I would have to tell my parents who had already lost one daughter and my children who had witnessed my sister’s battle with breast cancer.  This was one of the hardest things I had to do.” recalls Diane.

With the unwavering love and help from friends, family and dear husband, Diane endured two years of debilitating surgery, chemotherapy and physical therapy and is now seven years cancer free.

Diane says, “I truly believe that I received a sign from my sister. Hearing both the radio playing her song and hearing the television at the same time is what made me do a self breast exam and pushed me to be seen by the doctor the very next day”.