Connie Brill

If there was one word Connie could use to describe herself, it would be “blessed.” After battling breast cancer two times, Connie came out victorious with a flat stomach and “perky boobs” as her “battle scars.”

Her first fight came at 36, just a year after breast cancer had taken the life of her mother.  Connie felt lucky though because she had the most wonderful, loving, compassionate, supportive family. Then three years ago, 19 years later after her first bout with cancer, a small tumor was discovered in Connie’s left breast during one of her routine mammograms. Connie stayed strong throughout both of her diagnoses by “trusting & believing that God was in control” of her life. Thankfully due to Connie’s due diligence and involvement with the Houston Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, Connie’s routine mammograms had caught the cancer early each time so she never had to endure chemotherapy or radiation.

Connie, now 60, has dedicated her free time to spreading the word on the importance of early breast cancer detection to the Girl Scouts, the Houston media and anyone and everyone else that will listen. Cancer-free for 23 years now, Connie thanks God everyday for letting her live to see her children grow up and be able to play with her grandchildren.

Listen to Connie's story here.