Carrie Brinsden

At age 34, Carrie’s sister Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After an aggressive treatment including a full mastectomy and two years of chemotherapy and radiation, Mary was happily given the all clear. However, twelve years later, the cancer returned and this time with a vengeance at Stage 4. Mary fought valiantly without complaint but tragically in the fall of 2003 she lost her life.

Mary’s sister Carrie and all her family miss her greatly and a huge hole is left in their hearts. In honor of her beloved sister, Carrie participates in the Komen Houston Race for the Cure® every October and has been on the ‘Pink Honor Roll’ for several years.

"I walk for all sisters so that they may never have to know what life is like without one another.  I walk for all nieces and nephews so they won't have to feel the pain of losing a loving aunt.  I walk for all husbands so they don't have to carry on life's path alone.  I walk for all mothers and fathers so they don't have to feel the excruciating pain of losing a child.  I walk for all of those battling this illness so they may have the opportunity to live life to the fullest extent.  I walk for the cure." says Carrie.