Anji Moore

Two days before her wedding in 2010, Anji Moore felt a lump in her breast. Two weeks after returning from her honeymoon, she was diagnosed with cancer.

“When we got that dreaded call, I asked my husband if he wanted to trade me in for a new model,” Anji recalled with the humor that would see her through her darkest times. Instead of ordering their wedding album and checking out their new china, the couple researched treatment plans. Anji decided to have a bilateral mastectomy.

“Recovery was a challenge and reconstruction was painful. It took an entire year,” Anji said. “I’m not sure I can describe the nightmare of enduring chemotherapy – the hair loss, physical pain, fear, needles and tears.”
But Anji’s family – her husband, sister, mom and dad – and a large, extended support group helped her get through it. “Friends prayed for me. My church surrounded me. Other cancer survivors wrote letters to me. I never felt more loved before in my life,” she remembered.

Today, Anji is finally getting to enjoy being a newlywed. “It is a daily discipline to think positively and to believe that I will live a long and beautiful life. God gives me strength and hope.”