Amber Gillespie


    If there was one thing that Amber didn’t plan in her life – it was breast cancer. So when the now 27-year-old found a hard lump in her left breast in January 2012 at the age of 26, she just brushed it off. It was only through the insistence of her boyfriend and family that she went to see a doctor.

    Like a true fightin’ Aggie, Amber faced the unexpected news with “immeasurable courage, optimism and determination.” She found comfort by focusing on the positive, like her “high-carb and high-fat” diet and the many wonderful people she has met throughout her treatment process.

    In the words of Amber, who has been cancer-free for seven months, “Cancer is so limited.  It cannot cripple love.  It cannot shatter hope.  It cannot corral faith.  It cannot eat away peace.  It cannot kill friendship.  It cannot shut out memories.  It cannot silence courage.  It cannot invade the soul.  It cannot reduce eternal life.  It cannot quench the spirit.  It cannot lessen the power of resurrection.”

    Amber is forever grateful to her friends, family, coworkers and boyfriend for their love and support that has carried her throughout her treatment.


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